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Mrs Godfrey - Basingstoke

Dear Andrew


Thank you for your letter which I received this morning,the car has more than exceeded my expectations it's a used car that feels likenew, and I love driving it. Gerald is a credit to your company, he is very goodSales Man who made sure the car was perfect when I come to collect it with myHusband, he made sure everything was to my liking before we drove off. I lovedthe lovely flowers and wine, it's not known now to be given a gift whencollecting a car we thought it was nice that your company still has traditionalvalues.


I will be bringing the car back next year to be servicedand MOT'ed next year, it's been a privilege to purchase my new car from yourcompany and I without a doubt recommend your company to my family and friends.


Kind regards

Gill Godfrey


John Matthews - Eastleigh

Good morning

Just replying to your letterdated 17th October , Your Ref AJB/CH.

I was 100% happy with thecustomer service I received .

I wouldn't hesitate torecommend your company to anyof my colleagues or friends.

John Matthews


Nick Carter & Louise Garver - Devizes

Dear Mr Baker


Thank you for your letter dated 26th September which wasaddressed to my partner Louise Garvey.


I should start by saying that I am not writing tocomplain. The car has met our expectations and more. I did however want towrite and compliment you on the service we have experienced from your companyand its staff.


We live some way away from Petersfield and only decidedto visit you because we found, over the internet, the car we were looking forat a price we were prepared to pay. My first impression of White Rose was thatit was nice to see a German car dealership that was not an cold edifice of glassand steel. The human and family feel of your operation reminded me of whatbuying a car was like some twenty years ago. A personal and engaging experiencewith no hard sell just a real sense that you were having a very honestconversation about a purchase and whether that car was right for you.


Tony Luff was a very refreshing change from the salesmenthat we have experienced in other dealerships. Friendly, humorous with a realsense that we wanted to sell you the right product. Our needs came first.Nothing was too much trouble and my partner and I left feeling that whatevercar we chose we would want to buy it from him. The experience from deciding tobuy the Golf through to picking it up has been nothing but a pure pleasure. Ifwe buy another VW we will without doubt start at White Rose.


We purchased the car from you in the same week that VW’sintegrity was seriously challenged with the revelations about the emissionsscandal. The Senior Management Team at Wolfsburg could learn a lot from thecommitment to customer service values shown and lived at White Rose. If youhave Matthias Muller’s email address I will gladly suggest a day out inPetersfield might help demonstrate that not all is lost and that a return tosome basic principles might be a good place to start.


Our thanks and kind regards,


Nick Carter and Louise Garvey 


Robert Higginbotham - Stroud


Thanks for your letter dated 4th July.

I would happily give feedback.  I thought Luke did a good job for you and treated us well.  He was responsive by phone and email.  He was always keen to help, show us a number of cars and keep the conversation going.  He is clearly proud of the job and speaks positively about the White Rose team and the VW product range.  During the actual buying process he was efficient and polite.

On the day of handover, Ian also did a good job since Luke was on holiday and the handover between the two of them was pretty seemless.

I will be using you for servicing on the VW Polo going forwards.
If I may offer one piece of advice.  I understand that White Rose is being or has been bought by a larger firm/franchise.  Whilst I am sure many positives will come out of this for you and your customers, please dont lose the personal and local touch.  An example being your letter.  So many other firms now have email or phone based research.  A personal letter with an invitation to respond to the Manager of the business is a small but important example.

All the best
Robert Higginbotham


Helen Barnes - Petersfield

Dear MrBaker

I wantto tell you just how completely satisfied I am with the service I received fromWhite Rose Petersfield.

It wasso refreshing to deal with Karyn, who was knowledgeable and helpful, supportingme to weigh up the pros and cons of the cars I was interested in without makingme feel pressured. She followed up on every query and kept every promise, Igenuinely felt that nothing was too much trouble.

I likedthe way Ian supported Karyn on her day off, taking payment for the car andanswering my questions with equal interest and enthusiasm.

You havea truly professional team who I would not hesitate to recommend.


Nadeem - Southampton

DearMr Baker

Thisis a thank you email to you and your very professional VW team. My experienceright from purchase to service has been fantastic.

Iparticularly wish to thank Mr Aaron Hunter-Phillips for his help. This is inrelation to a creaking noise form the steering wheel from my VW Sharan(purchased from your garage as well) which was only 3 weeks before seen byShirley VW and they were unable to diagnose the problem. As happens in suchcases if the service is poor the onus is then put on the customer and it wasproposed that it is normal vehicular noises. Been driving since the age of 14and on my third VW, I knew I was'nt hallucinating. The only reason I usedShirley VW was because I live in Southampton and am fairly sure not going to visit VW Shirley again if I can help it.

Followingthis fairly poor experience, I contacted VW Petersfield and had the goodfortune to speak to Aaron who immediately suggested to come in to go out on adrive with a mechanic to assess the problem. The mechanic was able to identifythat an issue was present and I left with a courtesy car. The problem wasdiagnosed to be related to a faulty air bag and after replacement (re-booked toget the part), the problem indeed has been fixed to complete satisfaction. Thecar is as good as new, the day I bought it from yourselves.

Ihave to add that the ability to be able to return the courtesy car on aSaturday added to an already excellent experience and was able to manage thisrepair without affecting my work in the hospital or indeed my life at home.

Mywhole experience has been brilliant unique to 2014 as I find most thingsdeteriorating. I find yourselves very professional, keeping to time andcourteous this all being unique to the wonderful staff at VW Petersfield (notall VW garages are the same). It also goes without saying you have a wonderfulcolleague and gentleman in Mr Hunter-Phillips and most definitely don't losehim.